Martin wants to call Cancellar. Will it take him to the Qatari outpost?

What is the current heat in Qatar? “Larger than in Texas,” Jim Miller, Vice President of American Cycling, laughed.

His tenant was really unthinking for the Qatar fire. At first, he had been training them in warmth and long sleeves. After a few hours of sharp ride, the cyclist drove for half an hour to the sauna. “And then they could not drink a glass of water for another hour,” he said. “That his system probably works, proves two golds of Americans – Brandon McNulty and Amber Neben were among the 23 years old.

Each representation has its own tactics against the heat, but some have been less successful.

“We all prepared for it, but the body at 37 degrees was the same.There must be another kind of heat, “Miles Scotson thinks bronze from the age of 23. “The last ten minutes were terrible. I did not keep my head up, I could not talk, five minutes was not the best, “he admitted.” No, there is no such heat in Qatar as last year’s Abu Dhabi Tour, where the temperatures hit the 50 degree border, but Etixx’s sports director after team time said he had never seen his cyclists so destroyed. “Even Tony Martin was dead,” said Tom Steels.

The same circuit as in the Sunday team time of bikers awaits Wednesday. At 40 straight miles, they start off from the Losail sports complex, where they race superbly. Following will be a technical passage full of turns in the desert, where a strong wind turns.Then, along a straight road, they reach Doha, where the target is $ 15 billion for the artificially built island of Perla Qatar.

When bookmakers comparison the advocate is not the biggest favorite

Rainbow Defends…Well, who does it?

If we were to reflect this year’s biker performances, we would probably not get it. But if he was awarded the title for the least impressive world champion in the time, Vasil Kiryjenka would have attacked a lot.

He made a decent third season in Valencia. Since then, he has not been among the top five in time.

Surely, the Belarusian cyclist has a job to look after his leaders and often has to save energy for the remaining stages. This is the case of his 120.time in the Tour de France.

But even in Rio in the Olympics, where it was not possible to save anything, it was not the 17th rally.

Kiryjenku to underestimate the fact that Bělorus can prepare for day D, he managed in the last years, when he finished fourth in the last four years.

However, it is not the biggest favorite given the results this season. In the absence of the Olympic champion Fabiana Cancellary and the winner of the Tour de France Chrysler Froom, the triple world champion in the time series, Tony Martin, also owns the betting bets. His hat-trick is three years old. At that time, in 2013 it seemed that the German champion is the one who calls the four Cancellar titles.But a year later, he beat Bradley Wiggins and last year’s German Panzerwagen was seventh, far behind the rainbow jersey.

That’s why he decided to change the timekeeper’s position drastically this season. But no big results did. “I thought I’d be more aerodynamic, so I had my hands up and my elbows down. But it was not it. Aerodynamics is important, but it’s not all. When you do not feel comfortable, aerodynamics are useless, “he said.

In Rio, the lying Swiss lost three minutes and 18 seconds, and that was too much. He said enough and returned to his proven position.

“Three times as a world champion, it can not be so bad.Let’s see if we try to make some minor changes next year, “he does not give it to a thirty-one German.

After five years he leaves Etixx to Katyus and will have to get used to the new round. But it does not have to worry at this moment.

“I’m sure I will return to the same level. Every athlete has one or two seasons weaker but I’m confident I’ll be back on top, “he said before starting.

He also tried to adapt home conditions to the Qatari heat. “I was training at home in the heated room,” he recalled.Is it enough?

Dumoulin, Dennis and others

will probably be Tom Dumoulin, probably the best man of this year’s season against the clock.

The 25-year-old Dutch was the second in the Paris-Nice March Prologue. He won the tricks for Giru and Tour, but he had only one goal – he wanted to win gold at the Olympics in Rio.

Even during the Tour de France, commentators took him as the biggest favorite. Until the 19th stage he fell unhappily and broke his hand. His preparation for the game was greatly disrupted, but he was not only in the famous bet live Cancellar in Rio.

Silver disappointment at the press conference after the race.Even though he tried to smile and respond positively. Not for the unfortunate fall, he probably said.

In Britain, he finished in third time, the Eneco Tour even fourteen. “It was not my day,” he wrote on his Twitter, and a few days before he headed for Qatar, he hoped: “Perhaps one more surprise left in my legs.”

The answer will be in the afternoon. p>

Rohan Dennis from BMC will also be the big challenge. At the age of twenty-six he was at the top of the power, at the last two world championships he was always in the top ten. That would be little for him this year, he wants at least a podium.

And due to its year-round form it is not impossible. He already won the Australian championship in January.He also controlled the time in California, Tour was the fifth, just like in the Olympic Games. But without technical difficulties, he would attack the medal.

“I wanted to win at any rate. If I did it, I would probably end the season, “he admitted.

But he did not want to end this, so he decided for the Qatar mission.

Tony Martin will want to return the defeat of the team time trial. “Perhaps a slightly hillier profile would be better for me than in Ponferrada, but not even a full plane is bad. I still can win, “he believes.

By the way, a month ago, all three of the favorites in the UK had come together.

In what order? Martin, Dennis, Dumoulin.