Bayern desires to return the PSG debacle and regain the lost honor

The final round of Group B will be the two biggest favorites in the form of Munich Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain. The two big clubs have already secured their advance to the spring retirement phase, and now they are only facing the optically more Energybet favorable first place. In this respect, however, Paris has a strong top because in the first match Bayern has clearly blown 3: 0 and the leading position now only loses the loss in the Allianz Arena.

Bayern after this defeat high and a series of other unsatisfactory results farewell to Carl Ancelottim and involved old-new coach Jupp Heynckes, who led the Bavarian club in 2013 to veleúspěšnému triumph in the field of domestic and European as the Champions League. In the semifinals, the Munich-based home team crushed Barcelona by 4: 0, and this is the Energybet performance that the 27-year-old manager wants to repeat on Tuesday.

“It can only be achieved collectively. I know how good is Neymar because I often watched Barcelona. I dribbles with the ball at his feet is dangerous, creative and wants to stay in the game. The recipe for this can be found only as a team. Against Messimy and It was not easy for Iniest in 2013, but they are still human beings, and our attackers are not bad at all, and the Energybet opponent’s defense will also have something to think about stopping them, “Heynckes points out.

While some players, like Kingsley Coman, have been told before the match that they long for revenge, Heynckes was more restrained at the pre-press press conference. “I’m not in football word revenge. There will measure forces at the highest possible level, traditional club like Bayern against the rising power in the form of PSG. For the players, Energybet especially the French, it will be a lot more than just a Champions League match.”

Although PSG is a millionaire in the competition so far and enjoys sovereign hardly the plausible difference in the score of twenty-three goals, but just in the last league round Parisians showed that even they are not infallible. Unaie Emery’s team surprisingly did not Energybet manage the Strasbourg match and scored 1: 2 as the first defeat of the season.

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